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Zimmererkapelle Biberach

Featured band Zimmerer-Innung Biberach

Zimmererkapelle Biberach

The band of the carpenter guild of Biberach was founded by the guild chairman Gebhard Geisser and had their first performance on August 24, 1982 at the laying of the cornerstone for the carpenters training center.
It was meant to be a brass quartet or double quartet of carpenters, but when the first call for musicians went out 20 musicians from around the area showed up. It was then decided to form a band.
Master carpenter Fudolf Steinhauser was the band’s first director and served from 1982 until 1999. The organizer and technical director was master carpenter Manfred Haberle and served from 1982 until 2000.
In 1999 master carpenter Franz Frankenhauser, who played the clarinet in the band and was also director of the music society Emerkengen and director of the church choir became the second director of the band.
In the year 2000, master carpenter Karl Maiggler became the technical director of the carpenter band.
Performances of this band cover company anniversaries, graduations from apprenticeships, beer garden concerts and musical entertainment at carpenter work exhibitions. The band also performs at marriages, festivals and grand openings of official buildings.
A highlight in the band’s history was a performance at the topping out ceremony of the Expo roof of the world exhibition in 200 at Hannover.
The band consists of 31 musicians 25 male and 6 female. 15 to 20 musicians generally play at any given performance such as the Oktoberfest in Cape Coral Florida.

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